Leader Ops delivers leadership and team effectiveness workshops that are driven by value-based principles.

They are outcome focussed and tailored to meet your needs and budget.

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Refreshing, hands-on and practical

We help leaders, teams and organisations to:

  • Understand the keys to effective and practical leadership.
  • Develop and work on the core values and culture of the organisation.

These workshops are refreshing, hands-on and practical. They are relevant for your individual team members, each with their own leadership style. They will leave participants feeling confident to go out and apply what they’ve learnt to their own team.

Each participant will get some self-reflection and knowledge on what is good practice in leadership, and how it might work for them. They’ll experience practical conversations and make personal commitments in what they will carry forward.

These workshops will influence how your people live it as a team. They will be more effective in their performance. This is an experience that offers something really different. Your people will be surprised by a depth of material that goes well beyond what they have expected.  Be confident they’ll walk away saying, “I got some good stuff out of that.”

We Assist Leaders

Deal with challenging economic times where the team needs to be more pro- productive and innovative. Ensure everyone has a voice and is contributing. Engage the team as a group in developing a culture of leadership at all levels.

Workshops Topics

Leadership Fundamentals. The key to effective leadership.

Team Effectiveness. How to engage a team for high performance.

Coaching/Mentoring. Individual or small group.

Keynote Presentations. Themes to match your challenges.

Why Leader Ops?

Bob Hunter and the Leader Ops team are all experienced leaders in their own right, with wide-ranging backgrounds that include formal leadership training and roles in the military (primarily the Special Forces), and multiple commercial operations, with extensive international consulting experience.

Address Your Challenges​

In Your Workplace​

Matched To Your Budget & Time ​

Refreshing, hands-on & practical

LeaderOps Key Pillars

“A very practical session that related well to the theory of good practices, but more importantly linked into our own very hands-on world.”

Manager, Underground Mining Operation

“Bob’s challenging, engaging and humorous interaction with our people resulted in a great session, where we determined a clear outcome of our vision going forward. We continue to practice the commitments we made.”

Public Service Department Head