A story can be life changing. The drama of moments and choices can bring to life concepts like leadership and resilience in unforgettable ways. 

Your people will learn from powerful examples and here is a speaker with many dramatic moments to draw on.

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Entertain and inspire

In his keynote speaking, Bob Hunter will take your people into territory that is as foreign as it is fascinating. He’ll describe life and death events and the principles and decisions that guided his leadership.

These stories are about deeply felt challenges. Times of devastating adversity and impact. Threaded through these real life examples are unforgettable insights into how each of us can move through challenge in powerful ways.

Here is a riveting keynote speaker who will entertain and inspire your group with a fresh perspective on leadership and resilience. He’ll traverse his own success and setbacks. He’ll draw on his experience from the military, business, sport as well as international intelligence and logistics. Most powerfully he’ll talk about the human element in all of this. He’ll share his personal insight into what it is that can transform the individual as well the group outcome.

Your people will walk away with stories they’ll never forget. It will change how they will approach challenges in business as well as how they deal with setbacks in their own life.


"Having a Voice"

The Key Enabler to Operational Success (Safety, Productivity and Innovation)

"Leadership in Adversity & Opportunity"

Who Dares Wins

"Rebuild in 72 Hours"

Resilience, Leadership & Action Under Pressure